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Cwe?n (Hello)

Welcome to the official website of the Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation, also known by our treaty name Tuscarora Nation of Indians.

The names Skaroreh (“The Hemp Gatherers”) and Katenuaka (“People of
the Submerged Pines”) represent two of three historical names that our
people used to describe themselves in ancient times.  In today’s day
and age we are more commonly recognized by the name Tuscarora.

We are centered primarily in Robeson and Bertie Counties in North Carolina with notable populations scattered throughout eastern North Carolina.

Prior to European contact the population of the Tuscarora nation numbered over 35,000 people and inhabited over twenty major towns and a number
of small villages which were spread across our traditional homelands in
the regions encompassing most of what today is known as Northeastern
North Carolina.   At one time, Robeson County was an uninhabited
swampland on the southern border of Tuscarora settlement and was primarily used by our people for hunting and fishing, but we have called it home for over two and a half centuries now.

At the close of the Tuscarora War in 1713 many Tuscarora migrated
north to settle among the Five Nations Confederacy with our Akunesye:
ni?  (people of the longhouse) relatives in what is now known as the
State of New York.   During the Revolutionary War some of these
Tuscarora sided with the British and migrated to Ontario Canada to live
on the Grand River territory while others sided with the Revolutionists
and remained in New York where they currently reside near the town of
Lewiston.  Approximately 3,000 Tuscarora survived the Tuscarora War
but by 1805 there were no more than 600 Tuscarora total living in New
York and Ontario combined.  Some Tuscarora had settled in small
pockets along the way or died during their journey while many others
never made the trip in the first place choosing instead to settle either on
the short lived Indian Woods reservation in Bertie County, North Carolina
or in various other isolated areas in North Carolina and southern Virginia.
Due to continuous encroachment, harassment and abuse afforded to
them by European populations many of these remaining
Tuscarora began settling on less desirable lands on Drowning Creek
near the South Carolina border in the isolated swamp lands of what is
now called Robeson County North Carolina.  It is from this contingent of
Tuscarora that Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation primarily descends.

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