The Goodmind Project


“The Good Mind”, can be understood as the pre-eminent qualities of the most righteous expressions of human nature and existence. The meaning of “the Good Mind” is found in words of love, compassion, sharing, dignity, and respect. Its meaning is like a wholesome doctrine that is good to be heard because it teaches ethical behavior and communal values. But it also denotes the idea of justice, and of proper behavior that results in peace. Justice practiced between human beings and between nations. To live with a Good Mind is to live righteously.

The Good MInd Project (GMP) has been established by Skaroreh Katenuaka Nation, better known as the Tuscarora Nation of Indians, located in North Carolina. GMP, when fully implemented, will encompass a vast array of issues that the Tuscarora people hold dear to our hearts. These issues will include:

  • The rebuilding of our Longhouse, within which we will conduct our ceremonies and other cultural and spiritual practices.
  • The Tuscarora Cultural Survival School, an immersion school with the goal of reversing the loss of culture among the Tuscarora people, especially the children, and will help to revive all aspects of the culture that has been lost due to assimilation.
  • The creation of a youth lacrosse league for the Tuscarora people. Lacrosse, known by Iroquois people as the “Creator’s Game”, is one of many things that we want to revive among our youth, which goes hand in hand with other aspects of our culture.
  • An environmental task force, whose purposes will include helping to teach the public about the importance of all environmental issues, and how they affect current and future generations to come. This task force will also begin to help clean up the rivers and waterways within North Carolina, and to work towards improving the overall quality of the drinking water supply.
  • A heirloom seed bank, which will serve as a repository for many original, non GMO strains of our most sacred food crops, to ensure that future generations to come will be secure.
  • A land acquisition project, where we will begin the process of reclaiming lost ancestral lands of cultural significance, and the protection of sacred sites that are historically Tuscarora in nature.

All of these issues, and the project itself is created for our children of today, and for our next seven generations to come. Our children are our future, and we strive to prepare them to be able to meet and overcome all obstacles. Doing so will ensure our future as a people of Turtle Island.

The Goodmind Project is a Non- Profit, listed with the US Internal Revenue Service. If you would like to donate to one or more of our causes, you can easily and securely do so by clicking on the Paypal link below. If you would like to donate a different way, please let us know by using the “Contact us” button at the top of this page. Nyaweh, Thank you for your support: